Patryce King

King Studios

King Studios is a highly acclaimed and sought-after piano studio in Austin, Texas. Piano teacher Patryce King brings to each lesson inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm — her love for music is infectious. King’s unique strength is her ability to get to know each student as a person, and as a budding musician. Each pianist receives an individually designed course of study, through which King helps students channel their own personal life experiences and fully realize their own voice. This is an ongoing exercise that eases practice, enriches performance, and benefits the students in their lives away from the piano, too. There is a universal commonality, though, no matter the student. King pours her vibrant personality into every lesson. Students can expect to be rigorously challenged, and have fun at the very same time.


King Studios offers weekly, hour-long piano lessons for students of all abilities and ages. Students are taught to perform diverse musical selections — confidently and in a wide variety of venues. Preparation for public performances includes master classes and private coaching.


King Studios believes that the study of music offers an array of important benefits. Students learn to express their own voice through music, giving them new confidence as they grow their own skills. These students, in turn, are able to connect to a wider community through music. And, the study itself fosters a self-discipline that extends well beyond music lessons into life.


It is understood that all students at King Studios possess a ready, willing, and positive attitude. More specifically, students will attend weekly lessons, practice at least thirty minutes per day, and participate in three performances annually.

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King Studios Performances


Make a Difference Day

Online Zoom Recital 
SUNDAY – October 25,  2020

Classical Performance  

Location TBD
SUNDAY – March 28, 2021

Jazz, Pop, and Blues Gig

May 23, 2021
1305 W Oltorf St.
Austin, TX 78704

Now accepting ages 5-95. Call today to set up a free private interview. 512-921-3771