Patryce King

King Studios Policy Procedure

Recital Dates

October 27, 2018 (Saturday) Make A Difference Day
Location TBA

March 31, 2019 (Sunday) Classical Performance

University of Texas Recital Hall

May 19, 2019 (Sunday) Jazz Gig

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

May 19, 2019 (Jazz Gig) will mark the end of our season. Summer lessons are not included in tuition plans and are offered by request only. Tuition is due the first lesson of every month starting in September and ending in May.

Piano Practice Station

Get your piano tuned! Collin Shook with MusicMasters Piano Showroom is a very good tuner. You can reach him at (512) 301-3503

Clear and clean your piano room, dust your piano, and empty your piano bench. Get your assignment books in a designated piano bag to bring to piano lessons. Make your practice space comfortable and inviting. You will be visiting this space every day. A properly tuned and maintained instrument makes a huge difference.

Active Listening

Tune into 89.5 KMFA! This station is a great resource when it comes to hearing the music of the masters. The playlists are great and designed for your listening pleasure as well as your musical education. Listen again and again to this music.

Practice Time

This really is up to you. There is no prescribed length of time for practice. My question is always: How badly do you want this? How deeply do you want to dive into your own self and your own music? I do my best to encourage a certain number of repetitions or specify measure numbers and pieces, but the real key is…are you ready? The goal is to learn to practice as efficiently as possible. The smart practice person channels 100% of their laser burning focus to play pieces right the first time. Start slowly and work up to a manageable tempo. The slower you start the more your fingers, head, and heart can align later for a polished performance. Do everything in your power to play the right notes from the beginning. It will save you time in the long run. This often means starting at a tempo you detest because you want to go fast! Otherwise, you are basically teaching yourself how to play the wrong notes very well because that is the way you are practicing. Slow and steady wins the race!

Make-up Policy

I do not do makeup lessons. You are allowed one excused absence per semester. I am strict about this, and will not schedule an extra lesson if you miss your scheduled lesson time. In the Fall, 13 lessons are offered, and you pay for 12. In the Spring, 16 lessons are offered, and you pay for 15. If indeed you attend ALL paid lessons, you get that extra lesson each semester for FREE! I really really want you to get to your lessons, and with the number of breaks scheduled in our season, this is definitely manageable. If I need to miss a lesson I will let you know in advance and will come to YOUR house for a make-up lesson. The only times I miss lessons are when I have a Full Moon Concert OR when I am sick.

Lesson Trading

Because I have such a strict attendance policy, I am giving you the option of being placed on a lesson trading group list. When you sign up to be a part of the list you are saying yes to the option of being contacted by another family in King Studios to trade lesson times. If you do not participate in the lesson trading group, you may not contact others to trade lesson times.

You must call two days in advance to make a plan. Please be respectful of other people’s commitments to both King Studios and any other after school activities.


I love hearing from you. I love receiving your texts. I love getting your emails. I have likely experienced your struggle and I will do my best to solve any problems with you. Note: I cannot help you solve problems if you have not practiced. Don’t use not practicing as an excuse to not understand. I’m here for you no matter what, just know that consistency is key in becoming a better musician!


Upon committing to the 2018/2019 Season students are NOT allowed to stop musical study in the middle of the year. A part of our mission here at King Studios is to encourage growth and progress through consistent attendance and practice.

King Studios Ambassador

Students will be given the opportunity to serve as King Studios Ambassadors by bringing awareness to a  cause of their choice. A full length musical program will be put together by student and Patryce King. Ex: Kianna loves animals. She prepares a 20 minute long program that she performs at her Grandma’s house and all of the proceeds go to support animal shelters and charities like Austin Pet’s Alive or Emancipet. Get creative here! Support a cause you love!


My mission is to help students form an intimate relationship with music. Menahem Pressler (my teacher’s teacher) said while judging the Van Cliburn competition, “I’m looking for a young lover.” In essence, he was looking for a pianist with fierce passion; a pianist with an invested relationship with music. So, my friends, my hope is to help you fall in love. Once you are in love, you will then have a greater purpose when it comes to your technique, your theory, your finesse, and your artistry. You will care about the way you express your music and yourself. Your voice and music will ultimately become a reflection of you.


Unfortunately, some of my neighbors feel uncomfortable about others parking in front of their houses. Please avoid parking in front of 4604 Hank Ave (the house on the north side), and also the house across the street from me. Feel free to park behind my car under the carport and in front of my house. If need be, the neighbors next door at 4608 (to the south) are ok with you parking in front of their house. Thank you for this.


Behind the scenes here at King Studios I have tech support from the inimitable Kianna Chauntis who will be drafting programs. On recital days students can expect to have support from Jocelyn White.

NEW Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed in the studio. Cell phones will be placed in cell phone box in carport area before entering the studio. Cell phones will be used consciously and deliberately for recording purposes only at the very end of lessons.


Student Name: ________________________________
Student Lesson Day & Time: _____________________
One-Time $100 Supplies Fee Due Date: ____________
Monthly Tuition (Due 1st Week of Every Month): _____________
Studio Phone: (512) 921-3771

Feel free to email or text me at any time!

I have read and understand the 2018/2019 King Studios Policy Procedure:

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2018-2019 Calendar

Recital Dates

October 27, 2018 (Saturday) Make A Difference Day – Location TBA – 3pm

March 31, 2019 (Sunday) Classical Performance – University of Texas Recital Hall – 3pm

May 19, 2019 (Sunday) Jazz Gig – Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.  – 12:30pm